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Forgotten bits of Chicago history, myths and legends, ghosts, and a whole lot more from author and tour guide Adam Selzer

Chicago Unbelievable

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Resurrection Mary

Limestone Ghosts

Ghosts of Prairie Avenue

The St.Valentine's Day Massacre

Archer Avenue

Bachelors Grove

Bishop Muldoon

The Hancock Building and "Ghostbusters"

Vanishing Hitchhikers

The Willowbrook Ballroom

The Curse of Streeterville

The Museum of Science and Industry

Al Capone

Marshall Field and Co. (Macy's)

Graceland Cemetery

Seaweed Charlie and Calvary Cemetery

Mount Carmel Cemetery and Julia Buccola

Frank Leavy's Hand of Death

Stories from Chicago Unbelieveable:

The Eastland Disaster

The Iroqouis Theater and Death Alley

The Luetgert Sausage Factory Murder

Wrigley Field and the Curse of the Billy Goat

Hull House

HH Holmes' Body Dump

HH Holmes (Devil in the White City)

Congress Hotel

City Cemetery

Dunning Memorial Park


Rosehill Cemetery

Navy Pier and The Lake Michigan Triangle

The Music Box Theater

                    O'Hare Airport

La Llorona

Archer Woods Cemetery

St. James-Sag Cemetery

Kaiser Hall


Rico D's

John Dillinger

..and hundreds more!


Click here to buy the book!

Click here to buy the book!

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