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Chicago Ghost Tours from Chicago Hauntings. Ride the Ghost Bus to see the Windy City's most notorious haunts. Click here for our homepage.

C H I C A G O  G H O S T S

Resurrection Mary 
 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Archer Avenue 
Bachelors Grove 
John Dillinger
Limestone Ghosts
The Eastland Disaster 
The Iroqouis Theater 
and Death Alley 
Ghosts of Prairie Avenue
Bishop Muldoon
The Luetgert Sausage 
Factory Murder 
H.H. Holmes (The Devil in the White City)
The Hancock Building and "Ghostbusters" 
Wrigley Field and the 
Curse of the Billy Goat 
Vanishing Hitchhikers 
Rosehill Cemetery 
Graceland Cemetery  
Rico D's 
The Willowbrook Ballroom
St. James-Sag Cemetery
Kaiser Hall 
The Curse of Streeterville 
The Museum of Science 
and Industry
Leopold and Loeb
Ghosts of the Cook County 
Forest Preserves 
Robinson Woods
Hull House
Al Capone
O'Hare Airport
La Llarona 
Archer Woods Cemetery
Marshall Field and Co. (Macy's) 
Navy Pier and The Lake 
Michigan Triangle 
Seaweed Charlie and 
Calvary Cemetery

Mount Carmel Cemetery and 
Julia Buccola

Frank Leavy's Hand of Death 
The Music Box Theater

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A list of upcoming appearances, radio interviews, book signings--and just fun stuff Ursula's doing that you might want to do, too!
To book Ursula for any event, contact ursulabielskisbcglobal.net

September 26: Blue Island Library:
                       "Ghosts in the Graveyard: The Bachelors Grove Story"

September 27: Archer Avenue Tour with Worth Park District

September 28: "Hauntings of Chicago" at Elk Grove Village Libary

October 1: Lincoln Park Zoo Hauntings Tour

October 2-4: Chicago Dark Shores Ghost Con 2015
                    At Chicago Gaelic Park
                    Right across the Road from Bachelors Grove!   www.chicagoghosts.com/conference.html for tickets and info!
October 7: Merlo Branch, Chicago Public Library

October 8: Lincoln Park Zoo Hauntings Tour

October 10-11: Palos Paranormal Conference
                         Moraine Valley Community College

October 14: "Hauntings of Chicago" at Schaumburg Township Library

October 16: "My Ghost Adventures" at The Book Cellar, Lincoln Square.

October 20: BOOze! Haunted Pub Crawl for Chicago History Museum

October 21: "The Hauntings of Chicago" at Bensenville Public Library

October 22: "The Haunting of Lincoln Park Zoo" lecture, LPZ

October 26: "Local Haunts" at Green Hills Public Library, Palos Hills

October 27: Senior Lifelong Learning at Harper College

October 27-November: "Parapsychology 101" at Harper College

October 24: "Ghosts of Chicago and Gary" at Whiting (Indiana) Library

October 28: Lincoln Park Zoo Hauntings Tour

October 29: "Bachelors Grove and Local Haunts": Acorn Library, Oak Forest

For more info on Ursula's events or to book her for your event,

email her at ursulabielski@sbcglobal.net

Ursula Bielski and Geri from Chet'sUrsula Bielski and Matt SlausonUrsula Bielski with Svengoolie Rich Koz and EVP Artist Michael EspositoUrsula Bielski hosts a tourUrsula Bielski with David Scott and John B. StephensUrsula Bielski films 30 Odd Minutes with Jeff Belanger, David Schrader, Chris Fleming and Josh GatesUrsula Bielski with EVP Musician Michael Esposito

Ursula Bielski with Mr. TUrsula Bielski with Dave the Rock Nelson