C H I C A G O   H A U N T I N G S   P R E S E N T S

November 21-23, 2014
at the historic and haunted
carl schurz high school
3601 North Milwaukee Avenue . CHICAGO 

featuring on the Mainstage:
Jeff Belanger / David Schrader / Chris Fleming
Keith Age / Alexandra Holzer /  Bob Murch 
Scott Gruenwald / Bobby Nash / Jeff Mudgett
Vince Wilson 

and in the Library Forum:
 The Rezmans / Scott Markus / Connor Bright

Tim Dennis / Sylvia Schults / Mary Sutherland
Len Miller / J.C.Rositas / Al Kelchner

Workshops in:
Creating protective amulets / Discerning spirits
Tarot reading / Ghost Hunting Techniques
Researching property and family histories
Introduction to Reiki / The Holzer Method
 EVP recording and analysis


In Search of Resurrection Mary
Lost in the Woods: The Real and Unreal Story of Bachelors Grove
Enter the Psychomanteum
EVP Listening Gallery
The Graveyard
The Halloween Art Exhibit
The Black Shirt Gallery
The Ghost Box Museum

After hours investigations with
Mark and Debby Constantino of Ghost Adventures

The Murder Castle Tour of
Victorian Chicago with
Jeff Mudgett and Ursula Bielski

and presenting . . .

p a r a p a l o o z a !
with Clarence Goodman
The Dirty Dirty Dollars
and more!

l o d g i n g

Our conference hotel is the Sheraton Four Points O’Hare, located just five minutes from
O’Hare International Airport, and with an airport shuttle for your convenience. 
The conference venue, Carl Schurz High School, is a
twenty minute cab or car ride from the hotel.  Our Parapalooza event Saturday night
will be held in the banquet facilities at the hotel.
A personalized Web site for Chicago Ghost Conference has been created for us.
Guests can access the site to learn more about the event and to
book, modify, or cancel a reservation from September 5, 2014 to November 23, 2014.


  t i c k e t s
Tickets $50
2-day full pass, including Friday opener, “30 Odd Minutes” Live,
all mainstage and Library speakers Friday and Saturday,
Meet and Greet speakers all day Saturday, Parapalooza Saturday night,
 Svengoolie appearance, Expo and exhibit admissions.


NOTE: Add-on Workshops will be offered Friday and Saturday and
will be $8 for most 90 minute workshops.  Cash at door; first come first served.
Add-on Friday events, including Constantino ghost hunts
and Murder Castle Tour, are listed below and must be
purchased at additional cost as well.

Please bring non perishable food and toiletry donations
(cans, boxes, diapers and wipes, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, sanitary products)
for donation to Catholic Charities.   
Bring ten items of any cost and get a free ticket to any future
Chicago Hauntings regular tour!
Please bring a toy for donation to the Toys for Tots program!

s c h e d u l e

f r i d a y :

Pizza available for purchase
Jay Warren on Organ / spooky silent film shorts

6PM: Welcome to Chicago from Ursula Bielski
6:15: Scott Gruenwald of Paranormal Paparazzi
7:30: To Be Announced
8:30: Jeff Belanger's "30 Odd Minutes" Live!
9PM: Buses leave for Murder Castle Tour* /
Venue Investigation with the Constantinos*
(*add on tickets required)

s a t u r d a y:


M A I N S T A G E :

10:00   Bob Murch
11:15  Vince Wilson
12:30  Superheroes Panel
1:00  Linda Godfrey
2:15  Dale Kaczmarek
3:30  David Schrader
4:45  Keith Age

6:00  Chris Fleming
7:00  Jeff Mudgett

(students will be selling dinner tickets for prom and senior trip)

8:00 Headline! Jeff Belanger

9:30pm - 2am:  PARAPALOOZA at Sheraton Four Points O'Hare!

L I B R A R Y :

The American Hauntings Library Series

10:00am Len Miller & J.C. Rositas: Ghosts of Gary, Indiana
11:00 Scott Markus: Linda Vista Hospital  
NOON Tim Dennis: The Palmer House
1:00 Connor Bright: The Devil’s Gate Dam
2:00 Mary Sutherland: The Burlington Vortex
3:00 Al Kelchner: Haunted Willow Creek Farm
4:00 Jeff and Nancy Rezman: Hull House
5:00 Sylvia Shults: Peoria State Hospital

S O C I A L  R O O M :

($8 unless otherwise noted)

10am Adam Selzer: Researching Property Histories
11am Steve Huff: Using and Building Radios for Ghost Research
12PM  Dan Mewhinney:  Discerning Spirits / Create a Medicine Bag for Protection
(*$20 includes all supplies)
1PM  Vince Wilson: Hypnosis for Past Life Regression
2PM  Vincent Pitisci: The Genius of the Tarot
3PM Alexandra Holzer: The Holzer Method
3PM  Heather Brennan: Introduction to Reiki
4PM Colleen Nadas & Wally Dworak: Create an Amulet for Protection
(*$20 includes all supplies)  
5PM  Daniel Reiter: Using Software for EVP recording and analysis

All Day Saturday: Ghost Hunting 101 with Midnight Paranormal Society

  e x h i b i t s

Lost in the Woods
The Real—and Unreal—Story of Bachelors Grove Cemetery

In Search of Resurrection Mary
Presented by Ursula Bielski of Chicago Hauntings

The EVP Listening Gallery
TnT Paranormal presents some of Illinois’ most convincing evidence of the voices of unknown origin.  
Take a seat and listen to samples captured from investigators all over the state.

GhostLand Society will test your ESP and telekinesis with simple card-guessing and dice-throwing trials.

The Ghost Box Museum
Andy Openlander, creator of the “Andy’s Box,” will be selling his boxes
and exhibiting samples of
handmade and hacked radios used in spirit communication.
In honor of the late Frank Sumption, creator of the Frank’s Box,
widely held to be the first “ghost radio.”

The Black Shirt Gallery
Bring your team’s or organization’s shirt to display at the conference!
Twenty years of organized ghost hunting

Enter the Psychomaneum
The Chicago Center for Psychical Research invites you to step inside an
ancient method of spirit communication. 
Using only a completely dark room, a mirror and a candle,
attempt to reach those beyond the veil.

Step inside a fun recreation for photo ops!
By Midnight Paranormal Society

   a f t e r  h o u r s

 F R I D A Y:

with Ghost Adventures’ Mark and Debby Constantino. 
Limited to 25 tickets per night! 
Choose the VIP ticket option to be part of this event! 


with Jeff Mudgett and Ursula Bielski
See the city from the perspective of Chicago’s most prolific serial killer
and the era in which he worked.
Limited to 100 passengers! 
Choose this as an add-on when ordering tickets.
S  A T U R D A Y :

Ghost Adventures’ Mark and Debby Constantino. 
Limited to 25 tickets per night! 
Choose the VIP ticket option to be part of this event! 

featuring several musical performers  and bands, cash bar and fun. 
Sheraton Four Points Hotel.
Free admission with conference wristband.
9:30PM TO 2AM 

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