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Some Chicago Ghost Stories:

Resurrection Mary

Limestone Ghosts

Ghosts of Prairie Avenue

The St.Valentine's Day Massacre

Archer Avenue

Bachelors Grove

Bishop Muldoon

The Hancock Building and "Ghostbusters"

Vanishing Hitchhikers

The Willowbrook Ballroom

The Curse of Streeterville

The Museum of Science and Industry

Al Capone

Marshall Field and Co. (Macy's)

Graceland Cemetery

Seaweed Charlie and Calvary Cemetery

Mount Carmel Cemetery and Julia Buccola

Frank Leavy's Hand of Death

Stories from Chicago Unbelievable:

The Eastland Disaster

The Iroqouis Theater and Death Alley

The Luetgert Sausage Factory Murder

Wrigley Field and the Curse of the Billy Goat

Hull House

HH Holmes' Body Dump

HH Holmes (Devil in the White City)

Congress Hotel

City Cemetery

Dunning Memorial Park


Rosehill Cemetery

Navy Pier and The Lake Michigan Triangle

The Music Box Theater

O'Hare Airport

La Llorona

Archer Woods Cemetery

St. James-Sag Cemetery

Kaiser Hall


Rico D's

John Dillinger

..and hundreds more!


chicago haunts
Click here to buy the book!

Click here to buy the book!

"One of the Top Ten Ghost Tours in America."
-Haunted America

"The Best Ghost Tour in Chicago"
-Time Out Chicago Magazine

“This is not . . . some ridiculous spook show …. Chicago Hauntings is the real deal.�
-Rick Kogan, WGN Radio.

“A Best Bet!�
-Red Eye/Metromix

“A Great Choice for Everyone!�
-Better Homes & Gardens

“One of the most important web sites for local history.�
-Chicago Magazine

"Startling . . . Informed . . . Intriguing . . . Creepy! . . . The very best tour in Chicago. Period."
-Chicago Hauntings Tour Guests

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About Our Tours

Chicago Hauntings offers fully narrated, historically based ghost and paranormal tours to haunted spots throughout Chicago. Some of our most common stops include murder sites, disaster sites, a serial killer's body dump, gang sites, haunted houses, and abandoned graveyards. Passengers get off the bus to look for ghosts several times per tour - and sometimes they find them! See the pictures?

Chicago is one of the most haunted cities in the world, boasting a colorful but disturbingly dark and violent past. Many of the sites on our tours are notorious for their ghost sightings and paranormal activity. Others are not as well known. The stories behind many of these hauntings range from the truly chilling to the light- of heart. We've found that some spirits of our beloved but haunted Chicago seem to beg loudly for recognition and remembrance, while others remind us of their reality in a more subtle fashion. We think a few wish to teach lessons, while others remain playful. All, we believe, wish not to be forgotten.

Our tours follow a course of history that starts with the very beginnings of Chicago, traveling from its humble origins as a frontier outpost, through the 19th century -- including the Great Chicago Fire and its aftermath--, into the 20th century and the gangster era of the 1920s and 1930s, and forward to today. We cover a lot of information and many, many stories. There is no exact formula,and we don't set out to scare.  Rather, we let the stories and our own experiences speak for themselves.  They never fail.

Our tours are based on Ursula Bielski's nearly 30 years of Chicago ghost hunting and her "Chicago Haunts" series of books, as well as the collective writings and onging research and investigations of the entire Chicago Hauntings ghost hunting team, including Adam Selzer, David Cowan and others. We work hard to provide you with the most authentic and credible tour possible. Our many fans have called our tours of haunted Chicago provocative, dark, scary and creepy, but also intelligent, sophisticated and fun.  Many find that they're the best way to discover the city - period. Accept no imitations.

We can't guarantee a paranormal experience will occur or be experienced on each and every tour. Nor can we say one won't. We can> promise that you'll be haunted by Chicago's very real, often shocking past.  

Come find out for yourself!


Our Chicago Hauntings Tours operate year-round from 600 N. Clark St. (at Ontario), adjacent the Rock and Roll McDonald's in downtown Chicago, across from the Rain Forest & Hard Rock Cafes. Weekend tours are by bus.

Our Dead & Undead Walking Tours depart from various locations on weeknights in the summer and through Christmas.  For current info on meeting spots click here:

our famous Ghost Bus!Our weekend bus tours depart frClick here to see a larger the heart of the city's tour district, the River North neighborhood, at the intersection of Clark & Ohio Streets.  Look for the world-famous black Chicago Hauntings Ghost Bus (or one of our comfortable white charter fleet).

Click on map for a larger view of our pickup location, 600 N. 
Clark Street, adjacent the Rock & Roll McDonald's, across from the Hard Rock Cafe and Rainforest Cafe. Paid parking is available in a number of area lots for per hour pricing.  Some limited street metered parking may also be available.  If traveling by public transportation, the closest CTA stop is the Grand Avenue station on the Red Line. Our pickup location is also located right on the Clark Street bus line. as well as a short cab ride from the Union,  Ogilve, and South Shore stations.

marshall field jr.

Haunted Chicago: Get on the Ghost Bus!

Private and Special Tours

In addition to our regular tours, we offer a variety of private and specialty tours. 

If you would like to arrange a private tour for your group, please see our Special Tours  page, or write us at for specifics reguarding these and other special arrangements.
Haunted Chicago: The Hancock Center
What is the dark--and deadly--secret of the Hancock Center?
Take the tour and find out . . . .